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The Wise Series: Choose Wise.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

How to choose your company wisely?

They may be your friends, your team or close family members. Choosing the right people around you is important. But being great at it needs the patience to decide. Even though the quote, "The five people around you, shape you" has been around for a long time, the true meaning of it lies unimplemented.

Now, do you also think it's important to build connections? If so, then let's find out exactly why is it important to choose wisely. So, here are my opinions on choosing your company.

A group of students at the University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom. - Nirup Kamagethi

1. It's about the influence

Let me share a memory of a friend I know who is exactly the way I am, in maybe having a similar style, a vision, and a well-informed goal. The initial meeting of ours started over cars at a car museum. We started off talking about cars, businesses, personalities and whatnot. We were great at keeping each others company as we had so much in common to share and explore through our perspectives. I personally after meeting him, could see subtle changes in my behaviour. This could be while talking to people, and my attitude towards work.

I gave you a quick example for explaining what 'influences by a company' mean because there's a thin line between the time you meet and the time you start having a conversation in which you share a lot about yourself, and this happens quickly. When influence can be by sight or even by hearing about someone or something, imagine the intensity that would be greater when you start knowing them. Think about the subtle changes you might have had, and change if necessary.

2. There's a lot of learning

Learning from a friend is never something you should be hesitant about. And while choosing your company, that's one thing to be cautious about before learning something from them. I say be cautious because you don't want their knowledge to change what you are, negatively. Learning isn't just about the doable stuff, such as in financial literacy or a career. It's more about you as a person. Your attitude, thinking, habits, experiences, emotions and values.

I have often had conversations about the good around the world, impactful ideas, initiatives, about great people and a lot of other interesting stuff. While I say this was the good I have come across, I have also have been a listener of conversations about dopamine boosting habits.

So, at the end of the day, it's your choice to be a student of what you've come across. It's a choice between lesson or poison. So, pick your lessons wisely and remember that there's this word, 'NO'.

3. It's not about how many people you know.

Well it's the day and age of social media and sharing and also its come to a stage where numbers matter most. Don't think like those platforms, just use them for fun. My opinion on this is that: the more you know, the more you are cluttered. Doesn't mean you avoid making good company, all I mean to say is that don't rush to make relations. It'll come to you, believe me. Set apart networking, which is purely for a motive. I am here talking about emotional and personal connections. Not everyone needs to know you, what you do, and how different you are than the rest (a quick heads up: let your work do the talking).

Knowing more people doesn't necessarily make you popular, it's about 'who' knows.

4. You still are the priority

That's a lot of talking on how to think while you get to know a person before turning them into your company, isn't it? But I here would add this is because of personal experiences I.e you are the priority.

It's common to see yourself running in your life. And the thought to bump into, would be to pause and think. Often we are lost in the glamorous journey we are experiencing and could tend to forget the goal. It could be your work, the time for family or as I said your goal. Believe me that it is a beautiful journey until the time you realise that it's just you after you wave a "Bye". One must be in their senses and guided by their mission at all times. It's like what ABS does to a car. Observe, Detect and Correct.

If you have friends who have been a great part of your life, give them a call today and remember the first time you met. Always a great way to cherish memories.

Hey and also if you've made decisions you feel you ought to regret, remember that we all are a work in progress. And it's better to change now before it's late.

So chin up and breathe.

- By Nirup Kamagethi Chakravarti

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