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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Ok, I am going to make this as simple as it’s supposed to be.

James, a recent graduate from a top university is clueless with what to do next. What exactly do you think he must do to figure it out? Don’t try it, no one can figure it out but him.

Now if he goes on to YouTube and searches “How to know your why?” — Simon Sinek appears

and if he searches for “How should a 20-year-old figure out life?” — Gary Vaynerchuk appears.

Great isn’t it, to have world-famous speakers help you out? Truly is.

But the search to find something never stops, until you stop.

Imagine trying to figure how to swim on YouTube or any other social media platforms or even talking to a friend who’s done it before. After all this, are you ready for the next dive? No one can until they try it for themselves. Figuring out your path is the same way. And the beauty is everyone on this planet has a different map but we think it could be the same and make a move to follow each other’s path. God’s a brilliant designer, I must say.

Our “connected world” has created the best opportunities ever but has also pushed them farther. No, it’s not about competition, it’s about confusion. The path a person is supposed to fall into is so webbed that it’s hard to stay clear of it and free themselves. Most get caught in the web for a really long time and start wandering around and believe they’ve made it. Bless them, but we aren’t here to be caught. We are here to set ourselves free and be happy with our lives every night before going to sleep.

Let me walk you through those Webbs I am talking about. They are really simple and you’ll laugh when you can relate. Well, motivational chatter is one such.

1.How can I create an impact in this world? 

What impact are you really talking about? Is it being famous, being trending on twitter, is it creating an impact on another person’s life? What really is it?

Is it “The world’s waiting for you and you are wasting time slugging at something you don’t like to do”?

Haha! That’s the most common thing you’ll hear in everyone’s mind.

But have you really thought about looking into the stories of people who have impacted others lives? For example, have you read about Oprah’s life before she started creating an impact? Or just have read it on Forbes, that she’s a billionaire?

Your move is supposed to be simple and not strategic or complicated.

Ask yourself questions. Questions that make you uncomfortable answering. And moreover, when you haven’t figured it out yourself, what kind of impact are you going to have on someone?

Don’t fall for speeches which disrupt your work. Take one path and stick faithfully to it. Rethink your emotions and never make a judgement based on one.

I am not one to be talking like your parents. All I mean to say is, have the grand vision but don’t confuse yourself with seeing people’s end results and trying to figure out your way directly up to that point just because there are the media out there making “impact” look fancy.

Start with learning from their journey and start humble.

2. This and That.

Before you read this, know that we’re humans. Anger, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise are common for us.

Say today, you’re working on a project for college. After an hour of work, you are tired and take a break. Unfortunately, the break goes on for a couple of hours. And instead of coming back to work, you preferred to round off the time on the clock and start later. But now you’ve missed the exact time and decided to move ahead again. This goes on and you miss the whole day.

Now the next day morning, instead of making a clear head start, you prefer watching a video on YouTube as to why you procrastinated yesterday. The monkey video is right in your face, you learn some good stuff and feel you need a PhD in procrastination. And to complement that, there’s the YouTube spiral. It’s going to suck you right in.

But instead, if you had reflected for a second and thought about going back and starting your work practically. Do you actually think that you would’ve spent so many hours trying to figure out something that wasn’t necessary?

That’s exactly what we all have to do.

Learn from your own mistakes and start doing it again but now with experience.

Nirup Kamagethi from Kamagethi Notes says. "You will have to start to find your path".

Just because there’s ample amount of information and advice out there doesn’t mean you listen to it. End of the day, it’s you who is answerable if you don’t complete work on time. Remember that every time you go to seek advice, you’re letting your guard down and your mental status is usually that you need help and you are bad at it. So your mind can be as wide open as it can to receive any kind of information. And every time you do this, you are crushing your ability to think for yourself.

It’s a beautiful web, so beautiful that anyone would wander off into it and still would love to go back again every time (habit). It’s clear that there’s even the slightest of things on the internet at your fingertips. That being the scenario, it’s clear that there’s no space for your own exploration. It’s all fed to us.

You might say if it’s going to make my life easier, quicker and gives me clarity, so why not?

I agree with you. But would not, if the same continues when you search a “How to…” with something to do with your life.

You are killing your experience, that adventure you could’ve possibly never imagined. Well, its not just you but all of us who searched for it and created a collective demand for such information. It’s just a habit we’ve developed to seek quicker and be satisfied.

3. They are experts.

The notion created around the abundance of information, has organically made its way into us that we no longer feel that we don’t really need that knowledge. It’s just us being thirsty for more. The Gurus of every field you see on these social media platforms aren’t experts and they don’t convey a piece of universal advice. All they do is give their perception. Think about it.

Is there a universal staple food? Or a universal staple job? Or a universal mindset? Or least is there a universal school of thought?

You might argue that it is universal when it’s related to spirituality for example. But question yourself that if whether spirituality is a perception or a rule book?

It’s good to learn, but not too good.

If we keep practising and learning throughout, when exactly are we going to perform? It’s time to stop for once and reflect.

Every time we come across such perceptions, we start to inculcate them. You may consciously be there to check it out but that’s not exactly what you are doing subconsciously. You are learning that perception and overriding on your already peaceful one. The cycle continues. But in case if that information aligns with your principles and opinion, go head and follow it.

4. Falling into the system.

We all are here to perfect our art form, the beauty of our lives every day and enjoy the process. We also develop aspirations, dreams, expectations and also some develop grand visions. It’s perfectly fine to work towards it but not ok to just work for the end goal. We can only control our work but not its results. Leave the result to the universe and if you’ve truly put in honest work, it’s going to happen. Maybe not today but definitely tomorrow.

Don’t worry about falling into the system and giving up on your dreams and vision when you get dragged by monotony. I say this because it’s your dream and your vision and also your responsibility to make it come true. If you believe you can, you will stay passionate about it and try to take a step towards it every day. If you aren’t that driven towards it, believe me, you weren’t truthful from the beginning.

It’s ok to start humble and there’s the dignity of labour. So you don’t have to prove anyone anything.

Just keep your chin up and crush it each day.

Two youngsters trying to find a path.

5. End of the day.

As simple as it is, the chatter on motivation, self-help and what not, is never about you. It’s about earning bread for the creator in the first place. Remember I said we get lost in the abundance of information and also I call it the chatter, so it’s not all of them. Well, there are some true ones who want to make a difference other’s lives and help those blinded in this web. Hence it’s your duty to watch, listen carefully and question it.

When you are there to make changes to your life, don’t tell me that you can’t create your own opinions.

In the world which is being controlled by fake news and information, and with all of us being aware of it. Do you still feel like ignoring and constructing your opinions on such information? Isn't it time for us all to step up and see thorough the truth?

You are a human and not a robot which can be programmed. The beauty of human life is that we can think, so let’s make use of it.

I’d like to conclude by saying that the process is simple. If you want to achieve, work for it, there are no shortcuts, and hard work is the way. Remember to learn from the experiences of others, which is called smart work. Build your own principles, calm your thoughts, let your mind free to observe and learn. Let’s keep the process simple.

We are doing it for us, so be a natural at it.

And also,

“What is life without challenges?”

P.s:- I would add some more to this article as and when I feel the need arises.

Keep an eye on this space.

- By Nirup Kamagethi Chakravarti

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